When I purchase a new house from Blair Homes Inc. does it come with a warranty?


In Alberta we as a new home builder must be registered and provide warranty under the
Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act.

What does my home warranty cover?

In short ...

1 year for labour and materials.

2 years for delivery and distribution systems.

5 years for the building envelope protection.

10 years for major structural components.

In long …

Labour and Materials – all the finishes throughout your home. Painting, flooring, trim.
Please note that this is from defects of the material not scratches from moving furniture. We like to tell you now rather than later.

Delivery and Distribution Systems – this is the coverage for the labour and material related to all your heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Mechanical stuff.

Building Envelope – This is the structure of the house which includes the walls and exterior of the house and the roof. We sealed it all up and made it rate well above the Alberta Builders Code.

Structural Components – This is your foundation and framing of your walls. The structure of your house. 10 years! Foundation is the footing the house is built on, not your basement floor.

Please check the Alberta Government website where we are registered and in good standing!

Will I get to choose what colours in my house?

Yes and No.

If you choose to build with us before the house is finished, yes.

If you buy a house that has been started and not at finishing stage, yes.

If you buy a home that has already been built, no.

We love to work with our clients and give you what you like. You will visit some of our trades and choose colours, flooring, tile, counter tops etc. and then the colours, trim, door handles, lights etc. at our show suite.

What if I buy a home that is already completed?

Well we will have the same process to build and keep a record online. You can easily have access to each step of the way including all the inspections, so you know your home is professionally built to building codes.

Yes, you can still choose the final building inspection company!

How will I know that my house is being constructed like you say it is?

On our website there is a client login icon located at the top right hand of the page.  From here you will login and see all the pictures and inspections of your home.  Follow along and see how we make sure your home is built above the National and Provincial Building Codes.  Please contact your sales person at the show home for your personal login name and password.

How do I know my house is built right? Built better than the others?

We have put together a system which will we hope will make you feel great about choosing us!


You will have access from our website to watch your home being built step by step. We will post pictures of each stage, along with each passing inspection by our standards and by the city inspection service standards. If anything doesn’t pass, we will have it fixed before the next stage.

We may throw in a few from our trades as well. At the end of the process, you will get to see every aspect of the build and that is passes the Canadian National and Alberta Building codes. Before possession, you choose an independent inspection company for an overall house inspection (like buying an older house).

We will cover the independent inspection service cost and you will get a full report from top to bottom. If there is anything in the inspection that needs to be addressed, we will do so.

Who else does this? They may after they see this!